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Anne has a lot of life experience, which she brings to the session. She is honest, accurate, and involved. You quickly feel at ease with her and I have felt a lot of change through the session. I believe that RTT is a great method and Anne is a great therapist! Thank you again Anne for working together. I feel the change for the better. Much love. 

Julie (Amsterdam)


Life is too short; no need to waste precious time on fighting your unconscious mind. Freedom is easy and fast to achieve. Rapid Transformation Therapy is exactly that—powerful and effortless!


It took one session to uncover and unblock decades of unconscious self-sabotage, negative conditioning, and beliefs. My newfound awareness is liberating. Replacing my old habits with new behaviours has created immediate success and I have reached many of my goals already. I am free, empowered, and feeling phenomenal!

Anne has the gift of caring and listening. She is soothing and calm, as well as extremely professional, meticulous, and supportive. Drawing on her years of experience, she did a fast track on my transformation. Thank you Anne, you are a life-changer!

- J.P. (Denmark)


I had the pleasure of having an RTT session with Anne. What an amazing experience! Her confident voice led me to explore some blocks from my childhood that I had forgotten about and to see how they were affecting me. I was particularly happy by the recording I received to listen to for 21 days. I love it! I love her confident voice and how she guides me into a blissful state. I had worked with other therapists but she is the best ! Thank you so much !!!

A.B. (Italy)


Recently, I was due to transition from one job role to another, and when this global pandemic took place, I no longer had a job to move to. Jobless and living abroad means being away from any support network of family and friends. I needed to make some life changing decisions all in a matter of weeks. I was encouraged to try hypnotherapy as a way of “coping” while I tried to navigate this tumultuous period of my life and what was happening in the world around me. 

I received Anne’s details from a dear friend and, immediately from our first session, Anne helped me handle my thoughts and feelings in very perceptive detail. For the first time in a REALLY long time, I truly felt there was some hope of freeing myself from this downward spiral. I could feel myself morphing into someone I had never been before. More IMPORTANTLY, it was all done online thousands of miles away, and I felt like she was sitting right there next to me.

Our sessions have been really enlightening and have left me feeling relaxed, elated, composed, and strong as Anne took me to areas of my past life that I have put off thinking about. She somehow cleared the “blockages” and taught me how to STOP seeing my existences as a failure and more as an achievement. Anne is very professional and has a warm and friendly approach, which makes it easy to respond to her technique. She has given me the self-belief I need and I feel that I am now the right path thanks to her.

- Eileen (Cayman Islands)


I am 55 and felt that enough was enough. It was time to take charge of my life. My first goal was to stop smoking, a 40-year habit and addiction. I tried everything under the sun, including hypnotherapy, without success. After one session with Anne, I managed to beat the habit.


I was very skeptical to try hypnotherapy again. I like being in control and found it scary to let go, but Anne made me feel completely safe to do just that. The truth is that I was actually awake all the time, just deeply relaxed. No one could make me say or do anything I didn’t want. But relaxed enough to let go of what had been blocking me for years. 


I just loved listening to the tape. It has helping me both to relax and to stay on track, but it has also made me feel really good. This “feel good factor” is helping me in so many different ways other than just quitting smoking.


- Margareta (Switzerland)

Anne Lauener, Eternal Freedom, Therapy
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