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Success Stories

They did it and now they love their life

Clearing & Freeing

Anne's timely RTT sessions proved transformative, alleviating overwhelming feelings from an unexpected life changing event. Her calm, clear, organized approach brought focus and clarity. The process unveiled thoughts I had been carrying through my life allowing healing. I enjoyed the clearing and freeing the hypnosis session brought me complemented by empowering daily tapes. Each session brought new realizations, and Anne's patient, caring demeanour enhanced the experience.

 - Maria, Florida US

There was a Shift

Thanks to Anne, I've transformed my life. I now have a good relationship with myself and my health. In the past, I struggled to stick to diets and workouts due to life's distractions and lack of consistency. But Anne's hypnotherapy guidance has been a game-changer.
Her transformation sessions are incredibly effective. Each time I listen to the recordings, I gain new insights about myself, and the words become ingrained in my mind. Throughout the day, the sentences come back to me, leading to a shift in my mindset. As a result, I now find it easy to incorporate workouts and healthier dietary habits into my life. I am thrilled with the changes I've experienced and have recommended Anne to others. People have noticed my newfound confidence and reduced tension.
Recently, I had an "aha" moment when I realized that these new thoughts have become deeply ingrained in my system making a lasting impact on my feelings habits and actions.
 - Brigitta (Austria)

Free & Confident to take Action

I had a life-changing session with Anne on co-dependency and relationship struggles, especially love relationships. I feel like a completely new person, my session with Anne transformed me, breaking free from old thought patterns that had held me back for over 20 years.
Anne provided the exact help I needed in just one session, replacing my feelings of being unlovable and helpless with empowering beliefs. I now feel full of love and hope for myself and my future relationships. 
The recording is so powerful and is progressively reprogramming my mind.  I am becoming a better version of myself. 
Anne is a dedicated, professional, and friendly therapist whom I highly recommend. I'm deeply grateful for the transformation she has helped me achieve!

 - Jasmine (France)

Seamless Major Life Transition

With Anne's support, my move back to my native country was life-changing and seamless. She had already helped me overcome self-sabotaging habits a year prior and was there for me during this painful relationship breakup and restart. 
Anne's empowering and empathetic words put me at ease and gave me complete faith to take action. Our professional relationship is a two-way street, with her guidance and tools leading me towards a new positive pathway in life. 
Anne is a natural at what she does, and her voice is soothing and empowering throughout the journey.

 - Eileen (Ireland) 

Free to be my True Self

After one session with Anne there has been instant change in my life. Listening daily to the recording she has prepared for me, my old though patterns are released and I feel more positive and have a lot more clarity and freedom to be my true self. I am feeling at ease about my path and my life, empowered and clear how I want to live my Life. 
Her voice is reassuring, comforting and very caring. Having the recording is great because I can re-play it if I slip back into my old thinking habits. 
Her RTT hypnotherapy and coaching techniques are very strong for re-wiring old self sabotaging patterns. Anne is very experienced and very passionate about what she gives as a therapist! A real gem!

 - Dana (Switzerland)

Honest, Accurate, and Involved

Anne has a lot of life experience, which she brings to the session. She is honest, accurate, and involved. You quickly feel at ease with her and I have felt a lot of change through the session. I believe that RTT is a great method and Anne is a great therapist! Thank you again Anne for working together. I feel the change for the better. Much love. 

- Julie (Amsterdam)

Fast tracked my Transformation​

Life is too short; no need to waste precious time. Freedom is easy and fast to achieve. Rapid Transformation Therapy is exactly that—powerful and effortless!
Anne has the gift of caring and listening. She is soothing and calm, as well as extremely professional, meticulous, and supportive. Drawing on her years of experience, she did a fast track on my transformation.
It took one session to uncover and unblock decades of unconscious self-sabotage, negative conditioning, and beliefs. My newfound awareness is liberating. Replacing my old habits with new behaviours has created immediate success and I have reached many of my goals already. I am free, empowered, and feeling phenomenal!
Thank you Anne, you are a life-changer!

- J.P. (Denmark)

Change at last

I had the pleasure of having an RTT session with Anne that was amazing! Her confident voice helped me explore childhood blocks that I had forgotten, and understand their impact on me over all the years leading to today.
The recording she provided is fantastic; her voice guides me into a blissful state. Among all the therapists I've worked with, she's the best! Thank you so much, Anne!

- A.B. (Italy)

I felt she was right next to me​

Amidst a global pandemic, I faced unemployment and lack of support while living abroad. Anne provided perceptive and detailed help, giving me hope and freeing me from a downward spiral. Despite the distance, her online sessions felt just as effective as in-person ones, and I felt like she was right next to me. 
Anne skilfully addressed my past, clearing blockages and transforming my perspective from failure to achievement. Her professional and friendly approach instilled self-belief, putting me on the right path. Thanks to Anne, I feel like a changed person, ready to embrace new possibilities.

- Eileen (Cayman Islands)

Feeling really good factor

I am 55 and felt that enough was enough. It was time to take charge of my life. My first goal was to stop smoking, a 40-year habit and addiction. I tried everything under the sun, including hypnotherapy, without success. After one session with Anne, I managed to beat the habit.
I was very skeptical to try hypnotherapy as I like being in control and found it scary to let go, but Anne made me feel completely safe to do just that. The truth is that I was actually awake all the time, just deeply relaxed. No one could make me say or do anything I didn’t want. But relaxed enough to let go of what had been blocking me for years. 
I just love listening to the tape. It has helping me both to relax and to stay on track, but it has also made me feel really good. This “feel good factor” is helping me in so many different ways other than just quitting smoking
 - Margareta (Switzerland)


Freepik images used do not depict real client for confidentiality reasons.

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